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SEO & Advertising

SEO & Advertising

We are experts in the art of SEO and digital advertising. We’ll get you seen by potential clients through the service which best fits your needs.

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Gaining exposure and ranking on search engines is no longer reserved for the largest of businesses. Instead, ensuring your business shows up on search engines is vital to making sure that your business is on the same playing field as your competition. At Appletree Design Studio, we are masters at the art of online marketing and advertising. We utilize a wide range of tools to maximize your results online. 

Despite what most people think, search engine optimization does not consist of tricking search engines through a manipulation of keywords, algorithms or specifically tailored writing in order to show up on Google. If this method somehow was able to fool search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Bing, it would never deceive the people who you are trying to reach. Online marketing is much more than catering to a machine and feeding data to achieve a certain aim. Instead, what is most important is that your products and services are best represented and made aware to the right customers for whom they were created. We do not focus on trying to manipulate search engines. Instead, our websites rank well because we create quality content that benefits people with advertising that is meant to bring those benefits to the largest amount of people that need to see them.

This approach of marketing and advertising is commonly avoided by marketers who seek to maximize clicks without any concern for the longevity of a business. We are not a fly-by operation that seeks to take the money and run. Instead, as an organization we seek to plant seeds for the future to change the world in the years to come. Marketing, search engine optimization and advertising all serve to amplify this goal and help bring it to fruition in a more effective and efficient fashion. By utilizing these methods as tools instead of depending on them as a sole source of success, our organization is able to bring success beyond the norms of what is achieved by other advertising agencies. 

Our search engine optimization team will go through your website, checking to make sure that all of your backlinks, citations and blog entries are up to par and ready for mass traffic. This is the first step, as it will put your website on the right side of Google. We will eliminate any negative keywords that will cause your website to be hidden from search results. Then, we will do extensive research as to what your customers are actively searching for online. By creating educational and useful content that benefits your readers, we will rank your website on Google by utilizing highly relevant search keywords. 

While all of our search engine optimization methods are standard procedure in our industry, we do not stop there. All of the above mentioned techniques are simply what is necessary to make sure your website stands up to par with the rest. It will provide structure for fruitful marketing efforts in the future. Those services will be the extent of what most SEO organizations offer. This is where Appletree Design Studio stands out from the rest. Everything we do in the search engine optimization process is designed to increase the value of your brand. If we choose to add certain blogs with keywords that your customer is looking for, we will create a valuable article that is highly relevant to that customer and make sure that they can find it when they are searching on search engines like Google. 

This is a completely different method than is commonly used within the industry. Most SEO companies use a technique called “keyword stuffing” which means they create content that is deliberately filled with keywords that they believe will rank. However, very little value is actually present in the content. Everyone knows what this looks like. Imagine the times in the past you have searched for a solution to your problem and encountered a website that had absolutely no valuable information while bombarding you with advertising. This is an example of the methods utilized by traditional fly-by advertising agencies that only concern themselves with clicks and numbers. We work differently here at Appletree Design Studio. Our utmost focus is making sure the customers who are searching urgently for solutions to their problems are able to find you. We strive to fill this aim with the highest level of quality that is possible.


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