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Photo & Video

Photo & Video

We can create photos and videos which will increase your businesses’ footprint.

  • Headshots
  • Portraits
  • Staff photography
  • Social media photography
  • Video production

At Appletree Design Studio we are well aware of the notion that a photo is worth a thousand words. Our team of photography professionals have years of experience not only shooting photos but also in the editing and production processes. We view the process of taking photos to be more than simply pushing a button and hoping for the best. Instead, every step starting from the selection of a location, lighting, makeup, outfitting, shooting, editing and filtering are carefully executed in order to create the ultimate art form. Each photo must be a masterpiece of its own in order to meet our extensive visual standards.

This attention to detail in our photography is not reserved for photoshoots or landscape photography. In fact, this commitment to excellence to photography and art is the bedrock of our entire business. Whether your business requires product photography, staff photography or blog photos, we offer the same level of quality to every project we decide to partake in. This immediately sets our company and the clients we work with apart from the competition. Many of our competition relies on utilizing stock photography that is commonly found on websites such as Shutterstock, Google and Pexels. While there is certainly no harm in utilizing these websites, when they become the default choice, the quality of the final product, whether it is a website, brochure or graphic reflects the lack of dedication to visual aesthetics and beauty.

Our foundation of quality is visual perfection and the building of the ultimate user experience. Consider companies such as Apple and luxury brands such as Hermes, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. What immediately sets them apart from their counterparts is that they are visually striking and incredibly pleasant to the eye. They begin first with the customer experience and work backwards with this vision to dictate the internal process of development. A common way of thinking in our industry is to begin with the final goal and attempt to tie that into the customer experience. We work and think differently at Appletree Design Studio. Every decision is viewed from the lens of the end user and each decision is tailored to this revelation.

To succeed in the next generation of the Internet, your website must pass the eyeball test. This means that the competition will be so fierce that every visual detail will be meticulously judged and compared by your potential clients. Even though many people say that they do not judge, it is evident that they internally dictate the level of quality of your products and services based upon first impressions. There is no use in fighting this element of human nature. Instead, it is important to use it to your advantage to immediately set yourself a leg higher than the rest.

Every photo or video that comes out of our design studio is taken, developed and published with the idea that they are all independent pieces of art. A photo, whether it is a headshot of your staff or a product image for your newest product has the potential to influence the thoughts and emotions of whoever is viewing them. Photos are not merely placeholders but always must serve a purpose. This purpose could be aiding the customer in making a purchasing decision or to instill trust in your clients that your team is filled with professionals who can get the job done. Whatever this purpose is, it must be articulated in the photography your company uses and developed to the finest level of quality that is possible.

While photos are incredibly important to your visual aesthetics and essential to your success, videos have the ability to work magic. Through a video, you can turn an unsure customer into a buying customer. You can create movements and move mountains with the power of video. Our videos are built on the same level of quality as our photography, whether they are a slideshow or a full-blown product showcase. Simply doing what the competition does will only get you the level of success that your competition gets. If you are launching a new product, we can tell an unforgettable story about it through the power of our video.

Contact us today to transform your website or business through the power of photo or video. We will guide you through the entire process, working with you in order to achieve the final product you and your customer deserve.


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