Digital Masterpieces

Digital Masterpieces

At Appletree Design Studio, we pride ourselves in the creation of digital media art. We view each project as its own unique masterpiece, with each aspect of the work completely incorporated into the whole, as opposed to the traditional approach of viewing a whole project as a compilation of several completed parts.

We often like to use the analogy of our company being a construction company for online real estate properties. Take a minute to consider the fact that our websites are in fact digital representations of our businesses’ or brand regardless of how large or how small they happen to be. The Internet allows for unlimited potential and growth and completely dismisses the past ways of doing business which were highly dependent on proximity.

We are not defined by our digital presence, we define our digital media presence through the work we do in real life. That being said, we view the construction of our online properties as no different than a construction company would view the building of a businesses’ headquarters or the development of land into commercial property.

Imagine you were commissioning the construction of a new house for you and your family. If you were to build the house of your dreams, you would definitely seek cohesiveness throughout the entirety of your home. You would not hire several construction companies to individually work on different parts of your house. Each part would have to fit as a part of a whole.

The vision must be maintained throughout the process for successful completion of a project. In our experience, many entrepreneurs and businesses view the creation of a digital media footprint as something alien to them, something they just need to “get done”. This could not be further from the truth. When approaching a task as monumental as forming an online presence, this attitude of “getting it done” permeates every aspect of the finished project.

If a construction company simply built an office for the sake of building it, problems would inevitably arise and things would go wrong. Parts of the structure would start to deteriorate, leading to collapse. It would have been better to not build anything at all than to build a subpar building.

We have witnessed many businesses building digital presences simply for the sake of building them. There is often no plan other than to compete with the other players in their space. This is akin to building a new office just because your rival business has done so.

At Appletree Design Studio, we do not believe in competing as a path to success. Our methodology is to help businesses become the best and become major players in their space. We are able to do this by building digital media footprints that are more than just surface level and have tangible benefits and results.

Every detail cannot be ignored in the work we do, as each piece of code is integral to the quality we strive to achieve. Our team is of the highest quality and we refuse to corners by any means. This is due to our commitment to be the best digital media agency in the marketplace with zero compromises.

Unlike our competition who likes to get projects done and collect checks, we work differently. Each project we tackle is a direct representation of our own commitment to excellence. We are extremely thorough in our approach and execute every detail for our clients in the same way we would do if it was for our own success. And we are well aware that it is! Our clients come before us and without providing excellent results for our clients, we are no more than another digital agency on the Internet.

Whether it is SEO, advertising, theme development, app development, e-commerce, graphic design or photography, each is given the same weight of consideration. We do not focus on one subject as the expense of another. Instead, we create the highest level of work for each piece, well aware that no process is more important than the other. All of the pieces must come together to create the ultimate digital masterpiece.

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